Tuesday, December 19, 2017

December 2017

OK....I, Laura, admit this Florida fall/winter weather is pretty amazing! Today is a beautiful 75deg with no humidity - the second part of that being the key; no humidity! In any case, greetings dear friends. We realized time was running short for this year and we had left you 'hanging' with news on the last update; Sooooooo... we'll begin with the awesome news first.
The story will begin with a flight to California... it was to be a surprise for a few folks, however, our oldest son, Joshua, was eager for our arrival. Orders were given; we were to 'lay low', prepare the patio area at his friend's apartment, pick up the desserts, and be ready for the signal to come through the gate. Confused? Let's follow the pictures...

  We landed on a Friday morning, got our car, found the nearest coffee house, took care of some business (waiting for lunchtime) then drove to the nearest In-n-Out for a burger and fries and met with Josh. 
Our favorite burger place in California
 Our next stop was to get the apartment and see what we could do to prepare for the main event! We rested that evening then began cleaning up and buying party supplies for Sunday. Kevin decided to add to the excitement..... he was moving a large gas grill when he cut his finger on the edge of the lid. After much persuasion, we drove to a local hospital ER to get stitches. Yep, 10 of them...
How the first nurse wrapped his finger until the doctor could have a look :)
 Of course, while we're there Josh calls to see how things are progressing and if we'll be able to meet him at the jewelers. Just as I was telling him where we were. we lost our signal and he had no idea what had happened...only that his 'pops' was bleeding and we were in the ER. After an eternity, 15 minutes, with much relief, we re-connected and let him know we would be done soon and on the way.
First look at the ring! AMAZING
 Now that we were done with all the added excitement of cut fingers, we gathered all the items and began the transformation on the patio deck.

Now the waiting began... this was only Saturday evening; the big event was almost 24 hours away!  Joshua made certain all the last details were in place (there is another long hysterical story you'll have to ask him about) and the next evening we waited with friends a block away for the signal to return...
                    She said YES!!!   We are beyond excited to introduce Jessica and have already welcomed her into our family! ... no wedding date yet, but everyone will know the minute we do!!!!!!
The entire evening and us being there was a complete surprise to Jess. 
 Whew....what a weekend! We flew back the following evening to Florida  - we quickly remembered why we dislike jetlag!
Then we had a birthday celebration - our granddaughter turned two. We seriously can't believe she is two years old already! The kids had a quiet party at her favorite park; with hotdogs, chips and cupcakes. It was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time just hanging out.
New sticker books - YEA! Thanks, Mimi and Aunt B :)

Mommy made cupcakes from scratch with mini mouse ears - yummy!

We are so blessed to have them all with us at this time. Next year they'll be in Colorado :(
THANKSGIVING.... For the Wooster Gang was a quiet one but LOTS of food none the less! Our oldest son was on the road moving from California to Florida and our youngest was sleeping because he is working nights at the moment. However, the Wooster's will never go without the 'Meal' and so we prepared a turkey with all the fixings, baked pies, and casseroles, and had our 'snacks' before the meal. (Won't even go into sharing that list.)

Laura took the picture from the loft, Winona was fascinated.
READY to dig in and enjoy!!
We are extremely grateful for His provisions this year and for our family that is so close, for the first time in too many years. (We will be doubly blessed at Christmas this year as we will have everyone together!)
Now, of course, we didn't just have one Thanksgiving meal this year but two ..... we are especially blessed and have the privilege of working with a small church about 20 minutes from our home. They have a tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving together as well as inviting folks they know would not necessarily have a meal. The day was a wonderful reminder of how much the Lord blesses us and how much more blessed we are to share with those less fortunate.

We turned the sanctuary into a dining room.

Four turkeys and ALL the food to go with the meal!
Folks enjoying the outside deck; it was a beautiful fall day.

Kevin with some of the guys waiting for the line to dwindle.

Forty minutes later, this was all that was left.
Well, we are stuffed and busy preparing for the holidays. Over the years, our family has made Christmas a time for building memories and not so much on the gifts. We have been given the perfect gift already; the Son of God, Jesus! Our prayer is that your homes will be filled with family and friends and most of all the love and joy of the season - Jesus our Savior.

"For unto us a child is bornunto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."   Isaiah 9:6

 Merry Christmas,  Kevin & Laura