Friday, May 17, 2013

April/May 2013
Report of Kevin & Laura falling off face of the earth untrue! 

   Well folks...we're here to stop the rumors....we are alive and well and actually getting ready to make the long journey back to Siberia. We don't have a plethora (like the attempt to impress with new vocabulary?) of pictures or information, however, we do have something from Siberia and a HUGE apology for not keeping you up to date these past months! After reading the last blog update...YIKES... you folks have been more than patient!
Update on the 'boys'... 
    Corey's knee is still injured as we wait for the VA system to accept his claim so we can begin medical attention. He has gone for acupuncture and non-narcotic drugs to help with the swelling and pain and found it to work quite well. We continue to ask for prayer.
    Joshua has been doubly blessed over the past months with work. Working for a show on discovery studios, he has been promoted to working on site and is now living in Alaska for a month at a time and then back to California for a couple of weeks. He loves his job and can't believe he's getting paid to work in Alaska where it's sooooo beautiful!!
One of many eagles outside Joshua's apt.!

Siberian News..... 
   In March, five men from the fellowship in our village attended the annual men's conference on Lake Baikal. Those who attended were greatly encouraged and enjoyed the fellowship and new relationships that were made. We're told that this year the snow was deeper than anyone could remember making it difficult to cut through the ice to get their water.

The cross on camp property!

Men praising with one voice!!!!

Gotta Love April on Lake Baikal

Men from our village at a Conference on Lake Baikal
The folks from Joyful News Church (Village Church) send a small group of folks to the next village twice a month to encourage, teach, and break bread together with a much smaller fellowship of three people. It has been a huge blessing for ALL involved and although it takes quite a lot of money, they will continue to make the 45 minute drive for as long as possible!

Doing a skit at the fellowship in the next village

The youth group has grown in numbers, however, we still only have girls :) They have been going through several lessons on purity and continue to read and share the Word each week. They've also been busy baking, we're hoping they're share some of those 'goodies' while we're there!
  Because it's been so long since this was updated and there is much more to share...we're going to post this now and get all of the newer pictures together and have another post soon! Thanks for your is much appreciated!!
Thank you for all the emails and notes of encouragement we have received.  Please continue to lift up the work in the village, We are pleased to say that we have seen some great growth in many folks.


 Kevin and Laura

"If you are not as close to God as you used to be, who moved?" — Author Unknown