Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 2010

Greetings from Kevin and Laura...

It has been a busy month...we have done some remodeling, been to a wedding in the city, worked in the garden, helped get the workshop up and running among other things.

Remodeling, what can be said; we have found out that NONE of our walls are straight. This makes it fun to hang a new door, lay linoleum, plaster...well pretty much anything you want to do. Never the less, we have been able to accomplish a few projects. We have installed a new floor in our kitchen and put up our new kitchen cabinets. In our bedroom we have been able to get the door replaced and curtain rods and curtains hung. We are hoping next week to tackle the bathroom, it would be nice to finally have hot water :).

Weddings... They are always nice to go to but his one was really special. Our friend Peter, age 38, got married for the first time! Peter was the second guy to shake our hands when we got off the train in 1997! He's been a language helper, painter, but most of all a great friend for these past 13 yrs. It was a great time to see two lives come together to form one, with Jesus as the center of their marriage they are starting off for sure on the right foot.

Garden...Yes we have a WONDERFUL garden this year thanks to Laura's parents for sending us lots of seeds from PA. It is amazing to us how fast the weeds can take over...kinda like life. If we do not weed out and hoe around and fertilize (get rid of sin in our life, stay in the word and grow in his knowledge) we too will not "grow" as He intends.

Workshop...We have written much on this topic in the past and we have made real progress this past month in getting the shop up and running. We have tables for all our machinery and workbenches set up. The entire place was rewired and we have hung light bulbs (not enough $ for light fixtures). We have a month long class starting the 2nd of August on how to build saddles. There is an expert saddle maker coming from Oregon to lead this program for us. Should be a GREAT month!

The fellowship is growing in His knowledge and it is great to see the interest in Him increase.

An AWESOME verse and also our verse for the year...Philippians 3:13-14.

Keep looking up!
Kevin and Laura