Friday, December 13, 2013


Greetings from (HOT) Florida!
       Well maybe it’s not really ‘hot’ but it certainly feels like summer to us! Siberian temperatures are in the -30’s right now! J January will be even colder -40’s!

      On a more serious note; we have been silent for many months and for that we apologize. This past year has been a difficult ‘season’ for our family. We were originally going to return to Russia in May, which we did, but for only a few weeks. Our last trip to Russia was in Oct/Nov, again for only a few weeks. We’ve been able to work through the issue with the help of family and friends and receiving God’s peace. Many thanks for the prayers and support – we are truly blessed!

Kevin on our trip in November
We did not see that cold of weather for November, the temperature only got to about -10 degrees F.  The temperature today Dec. 12th  is -30 F...but it will get cooler...we missed the really cold weather this time.

Laura on our trip in November, this was a new coat that her
mom got for her, it kept her VERY warm and she looked great in it!

Sveta helping Laura prepare for the ladies study
 Please continue to lift Sveta up, she is working with the youth from our fellowship and is depending on  Him for her strength.  Quote from Sveta, "I never thought it would be so difficult to work with teenagers".  It is difficult but very rewarding.
Some of the ladies that were are one of the studies Laura did in the village
Laura and Sveta at sunrise...ok so it was 9:30am...
The village we live in  is pretty far north. 

Sweet sixteen….the youngest daughter of the pastor from the church turned 16 in November.  She has been with our youth group for four years and in the past year has been a vital part in playing the piano for Sunday services. She has only one more year of school in the village, and then she will move to the city to continue her education. Our prayers are that she be a witness of the love of Christ to young girls at school and continue to be a light when she begins to attend university. 
Budtid's 16th Birthday celebration, we had a wonderful
time with them, we made homemade pozi...a traditional
Buryat dish.
Pozi a Buryat traditional dish ready to steam.

A new arrival…. In August of 2012, Kevin had the privilege of performing the wedding ceremony for a dear friend of ours. In November of this year, a son was welcomed into their family. It’s a tradition/suspicion in our part of Russia that the newborn can’t be seen or held by anyone other than grandparents for 40 days after their born.  We’re certain there may once have been a good reason, although we’ve yet to find someone that actually knows. J We were blessed to hold and spend a couple of days with the family and their new arrival; it was an honor to be a part of those first days at home. Another generation will now be raised to love the Lord and serve others with love!
Good friends Oyuna and Sasha with their son Mark (1 week old)....he is so cute!
Please remember this family, Oyuna has struggled with her health in the past.

In closing we want to share with you a huge answer to prayer. Our youngest son was preparing to deploy to Afghanistan in 2011 when he was injured during pre-deployment exercises. For reasons we still don’t quite understand; he was eventually released from the Army in 2012 and came back to Florida to what he believed would be therapy or surgery to repair his damaged knee. On December 6th of this year, he was finally able to get surgery at the Veterans Hospital in Bay Pines, Florida (St. Petersburg) to repair his knee and will have his back checked as well to see what damage has been done due to walking incorrectly for almost 3 years. The answer to prayer is that the VA stepped in and quickly did their job. We have met so many other soldiers who have waited for several years just to be seen by a doctor or receive approval to get into the VA system.  We stand on His promises and know His ways are not our ways, and his timing is not our timing.  
Corey 2 days after his surgery...

May you remember the 'reason for the season' and may your Christmas be filled with love, peace, and most importantly, Christ Jesus!
             Merry Christmas
             Kevin & Laura

You will find, if you think for a moment, that the people who influence you are the people who believe in you.         Henry Drummond