Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 2012

What started out as an ordinary work day, turned into a day we could never have imagined! We had succeeded in completing the kitchen and kid’s room at the building before Easter, however, we still had cabinets to hang and it was time to clean the territory outside. It was warm and sunny day and many had come to help with the work. The major chores now complete, we were washing all the dishes and shelves that had collected dust from the major remodeling! Then we received the call… of the young boys (age 17) had been with his brother collecting bricks to sell at one of the many abandoned buildings. For some reason, he had climbed onto what was left of the roof. Details are fuzzy we only know that the wall gave and the roof fell crushing this boy’s legs. Unable to get the concrete and bricks off his body, the young boy died. He had been coming to our services and he was a HUGE help with the building of the kitchen and kid’s room  ! The men had only just begun building relationships so this has been quite difficult for all. Please keep his younger brother and sister in your prayers. Their parents and grandmother are drunkards and have never been any kind of an example to these children.

On a much lighter note….we have been working on the building so that it would appear to be a ‘house of prayer’ and not just another house on the block. There have been some outside donations over the past year; however, we are amazed at the amount of money this small group has pulled together for use in the upkeep and continued work needed to finish the inside of their building.

Kid's room/Sunday School classroom
Kitchen area before remodeling

Installing insulation!!!

Need a bigger opening??...use the

Decided to keep this wall natural....
it took three days of sanding

Kevin and Sergie...working?!!?

1st wall done...five more to go!!!!
Dry wall almost entrance to porch/coat room (left) and kitchen almost complete (on the right)

Kid's room complete...curtains and posters to come!

Where everyone washes their hands....bucket catches water
underneath...running water is next project.

The new kitchen!!  Waiting for a gas/electric stove to
replace the wood burning stove.

THANK YOU for those who sent special funds to help make this possible!!! We'd like to work on the outside of the building. It looks nothing like a house of prayer, just another house on the street. Our goal is to put siding on just the front and one side of the building. Currently we have some funds but are still in need. Please join with us in prayer that this is where our funds should go and it would be His will! You may ask why we feel this is important....without question, every time we're talking with folks in the village and mention where the fellowship meets, they're very surprised that our 'building' is such a place and 'not' just another house. Apparently appearances are important at times. Again, we appreciate your prayers in this matter.

The grass and trees are finally turning green!!! Work in the gardens is underway and folks are out walking or riding their bicycles....finally free of heavy coats and fur hats! We love springtime because it means new beginnings. That's our hope, we'll see new beginnings in someones' life in the coming months. That we'll see a renewed vision in the fellowship to meet new people and to share His mercy, love, and hope!

Blessings from Siberia,
   Kevin & Laura

Our deeds are seeds of fate, sown here on earth, but bringing forth their harvest in eternity.
George Dana Boardman