Friday, November 3, 2017

Fall 2017

Fall in Florida is pretty boring if you're from the north or where seasons actually change. We have lived here a while(of course minus the 20 years in Siberia); Kevin moved 'down' in 1976 and Laura in 1980. For me, Laura, I have never gotten used to only two seasons - green and brown, Of course, there is greener in the summer and really brown in the winter; I just miss those brilliant splashes of color and the crisp air. In any case, we do love that it's still warm and NOT -15 degrees! Soooo... Laura has gotten better with having pictures to share; grab your coffee or tea and 'sit a spell' - we pray you are blessed!

Since we last posted an update, we have had a hurricane, a conference, and of course some time with family! We'll start with Irma - the hurricane that practically emptied the state of Florida as folks packed up and headed north. We were so blessed and fortunate that it made a major turn at the last minute dumping rain and 120mph winds east of our area. Kevin and I stayed, while our son and his family decided to go to the panhandle and hang out with friends. Their biggest concern was their daughter - we didn't disagree! We continue to pray for the areas that were hit and especially for the Florida Keys who were hit twice in a matter of weeks. Many folks lost everything with  no insurance to rebuild. 
Parking cars in front of the garage were to help keep the wind from blowing the
garage door into the house.  (It worked!!)
Out our back door. The golf course had all the water,
our yard was just VERY wet.

Because we were to get a direct hit and most of our windows are on a second floor(NOT easy to board up for a storm); we decided to ride out the storm with friends who were able to board up their house. For some reason, we didn't think about ALL of the trees that surround their property and home... they - we - were truly fortunate and blessed!!
This is Ted...this is Ted's driveway after Irma :)

This was the only tree to fall.
Thankfully it was at the end of their driveway!

Meet Ted and Wilma...dear friends for many years!!

Kevin was super anxious to get the boards off the windows.
It was only a little over 48 hours but the house did feel like a cave.
 After the cleanup, life for us returned to 'normal'. (Not really sure what that looks like) We also knew our schedules were going to get really busy so we looked for some family time together. We ALL love baseball and realized that the end of the season was here and we needed to get to a game. We love the Tampa Bay Rays and Laura grew up loving the Orioles! So, of course, we were super stoked when we saw that the Rays played the O's for their final to the ballgame!

Winona's first game! LOVED IT

Friends from Calvary Chapel Venice 

Winona even had her picture taken on the field after the game!

The following week, we took off to the other coast for a mission conference. We were able to share the vision and information about GSI with many folks. It was exciting to hear from others who also have a burden to share the gospel not only here but around the world.  We are actively searching out activities and functions where we can educate people about the work of GSI in Asia. We are praying the contacts made can help us in partnering with more churches as well as connecting with those who have been “called” to “GO” to one of the 3000+ unreached peoples that remain.  

Kevin getting our table set up for the conference.
For Americans, November is a special month to not only celebrate with family and eat enormous amounts of food :), for us, it's a time to look over the year and give thanks to God for ALL He has done! We are so grateful for those of you who continue to lift our family in prayer and who continue to support the ministry. We are humbled and very blessed. Our prayer is that your Thanksgiving is filled with Jesus, family, and fun.  (Lots of food too!)  
Happy Thanksgiving,  Kevin & Laura

" O, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever." Psalm 107:1