Sunday, December 19, 2010

Joshua's Graduation from Biola University

       Congratulations Joshua!!!!!

Proud Parents 

Family and Friends to share the moment!!

What a blessing to be able to share the evening with Joshua. We'll be heading to Florida on Tues. the 21st; Joshua and Corey will be with us over the holidays until the 3rd of Jan. Anyone that wishes to write Joshua a note of encouragement his address is 15270 Riviera Lane, La Mirada, CA  90638. We will post more when we're together. Thank you to all for your continued prayers as we travel this week. 

Merry Christmas
   Kevin, Laura, Joshua and Corey

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Late post on Thanksgiving

Holiday Greetings!
We realized this year as we sat down to eat our thanksgiving dinner, this was the first year it has just been us (Kevin and Laura).  We discussed buying a locally raised turkey but decided against that for a couple of reasons: the first is that a locally raised turkey costs about $40.00 for a 8-10 LB bird...OUCH the second we would be in the states soon and could get a HUGE bird for about $10.00.  So we went out and got a "small" chicken at the store...(see pic)

Hey, I told you we bought a "small"  my hand is bigger but it was so tasty!!  Laura made some great cookies.  All in all we had a quite day.

Update on the barn
The barn has been completed and the cow and her calf will be brought in to the property in the next week or so.  There is room enough in the attic space to store hay out of the elements.
This should serve the needs of the fellowship for many years.

Wood Shed
We live in an area that has snow for 6+ months of the year, so this year we also added a woodshed to the property so we do not have to dig through the snow to get the firewood to heat the building.  
The woodshed is to the right of Laura.  It is really nice to have the wood stored out of the snow.  Hey it is not really that cold yet, we have only gotten down to -25 degrees.  The cold weather is coming. 

Keep coming back for regular updates!

Next update... project with School number 1 coming next week.....

Kevin and Laura