Monday, June 21, 2010

June 22 update

Dear Faithful Family and Friends;
Just a quick update on what’s happening with the Wooster’s this month…..last Wed. we were finally able to acquire our registration to live in the village. (Let me explain a little farther.)

Everyone has to be registered somewhere…even the nationals. So when you move to another city or area you have to move your registration. Normally this isn’t too difficult, but always time consuming! We began our ‘transfer’ on June 10th and we were finally finished on June 16th in the morning. It’s seems we’re the first Americans in the village and the head guy wasn’t sure what to do with us…so he made a few calls with the office here in the city, there was a federal holiday on Mon, and by Wed morning after 5 trips to the local office in the village all was AOK…. we received our stamp in our passports to live in the village.

Upon our return to the city, we then continued packing our apartment. We were also able to start the process to get long term permission to live in the region, similar to a “Green Card” in the States. After several trips (7 or 8) to the head office for immigration control, our papers were accepted yesterday, June.21st. The officials have 6 months to review our request and grant us permission or deny our request.
So as NOT to be a boring week, our car needed some major repairs again. It seems these weekly trips to the village and back are starting to show. This kept us in the city a few days longer than we wanted but also allowed us to get more things done here before the big move.

Please continue to remember us as we transition to “village life”. Thank you for the continued prayers and support…we are so very blessed!