Saturday, February 5, 2011

Clear skies...for now

We promised more pictures .....hope you enjoy them! Today is the first day we've had sunshine since Tues. morning. Which means warmer temperatures...also means when the sun goes down, we'll have ice..yikes! Thankfully, we were able to get out of the area yesterday and take a two hour drive to find the FEDEX office that had a package we've been waiting for. Seems they didn't want to risk trying to get into where we're staying. [Quite hilly and the roads hadn't been cleared very well yet. Did we say we were in the middle of nowhere and took a right? :) ] In any case, we know many of you also experienced the megastorm and we pray all are safe and warm!
                                                             Monday's snow storm...
                                                              Tuesday's cleanup...

                                                          Not our car....we hope :)
        Our humble abode...cute little one bedroom apartment with a toilet, however, the shower is down the street a few hundred feet. It's kind of like camping...
                                                Lake view least there was a lake on Mon.

                                        Training center facility...chapel and classes are held here.                                      

                                                           My handsome hubby.

        As you can see, we're surrounded by hills and trees....truly a beautiful place, even in two feet of snow. We will be leaving this coming week and heading back to Florida. Please keep us in your prayers and we travel and for the little time we have here. It has been a huge blessing, not only for us but for the work. We look forward to seeing more family soon and many friends in the coming months.
     Until They Know
      Kevin & Laura  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Finally an update...

Greetings from the snow of the Midwest.  At this moment the weather is calling for 12-15 inches today, sooooo we thought we would update the blog just in case we lose power today.

WOW what can we say we have had a busy month and a half since our arrival back in the states.  Starting with Joshua's graduation from BIOLA to where we are now getting further education before heading back overseas the end of May.

We had a great Christmas Holiday time with family in Florida, in fact Kevin's cousin and his family from California surprised us for the Holiday season....
Lots of family what a nice surprise 

Then we had a blast traveling around and seeing the Christmas lights, of course we traveled in STYLE.....

Our sister-in-law drives for a trolley company and treated the family to a cool ride around town!
Kevin's sister and her son were the next Christmas surprise...they were able to spend a few days with family in Florida and enjoying the sunshine!

Whew....THEN...we packed up the car to head out for some continuing education and training AND we thought...hey, we're only 12hrs from where Corey is stationed...let's drive to Colorado for a few days :)
We totally fell in love with CO and had a great visit with our son and some friends we hadn't seen in ages!

We traveled just ahead of the first bad snow in January and of course had to stop in Kevin's favorite place in Atlanta "THE VARSITY"  to grab a chili dog and the best onion rings on the planet....(you can tell Kevin typed this)

Then it was on to Nashville, we thought we were ahead of the storm......NOT!
This is Nashville...not normal weather

From there we traveled on to Colorado...a 3 day drive from Florida when you are fighting wintry weather.

We got to visit with Corey at Fort Carson and traveled up to Estes Park to see some Elk...what a nice state...

Yes this is a live Elk....we got close!

Corey and Mom...having a GREAT day!

Thank you all for your prayers for us; we have traveled many miles please continue to lift us up!  We are heading out now and will take some pics of the snow storm that hit this morning...if the electricity does not go out we will post more pictures today or tomorrow.

This last picture is what we looked out and saw this morning.....gotta love winter.....

Have a great day and check back a bit later for more pics......Kevin and Laura