Thursday, August 26, 2010

August Update

Our class
Block of wood we start with
after many lines and lots of cuts we end up with this
a saddle tree all made from pine
Our saddle tree after we coated it with rawhide...
The saddle seat started...come back to see the final next blog
Giddy-up there cowboys!! There’s a saddle shop in the making in ….Siberia?!?? It’s true, the project to make saddles has begun and the learning process is going very well. We have two local men along with Kevin and our fellow worker Doug learning everything from making the ‘tree’, the wooden portion under the leather, cleaning and drying the cowhide needed, to cutting, fitting, and sewing the leather onto the tree. There is much more to this process and in the future I (Laura) will let Kevin get into the details…for now, check out the pictures……

Even more exciting than saddles …five new family members were added this month! It was a wonderful celebration with many friends and family members attending, over 50 people in all were there. There was one young man who made this decision and asks for prayer as he strives to be the leader of his home and the husband and father that our father would desire of him. Please keep these folks in your thoughts and prayers and they grow in their understanding and love for their Father!

Great day for the event

We’ve been able to get the steps and porch almost completed on the main building where the fellowship meets. We need to place the hand railings on the steps and some benches on the porch…we still have plenty of time before winterJ.

The garden is just fantastic this year! We have been so blessed with rainy days followed by lots of sunny, warm days! Anyone want some zucchini???? How about green beans???? We can’t give them away fast enough….good problem to have though….the potatoes are delicious, but we haven’t dug them all up just yet. We will most definitely have a wonderful harvest this year, food that will get many through those long winter months!

With September just around the corner, our home groups, men and women’s study groups, and our youth will begin meeting again. Remember us as we seek wisdom in what to share and that most of all, it would be understandable in their language! Please keep the fellowship in your thoughts and prayers as well as the projects.
      Joyfully Blessed,
        Kevin & Laura

Prayer and Praise
Pray for the boys as they are both very busy….Joshua is in his final semester at Biola University in CA and Corey is in training at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri, he finished Army basic training on the 26th of August. If you would like to write either of them, drop us a note and we will send you their addresses.

Praise him for his continued provision for the work here.