Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 2011

Hey Ya'll  (That is southern for Hi)
Wow it has been a while since our last posting...sorry for that but we know we have visited many of you.  Laura (our communication's director)  decided to take her summer break early :)
We looked at the last months and figured we've driven 13,000+ miles since Jan. 8th and driven to or through 16 or more states! WHEW.... We've spoken at so many fellowships, home groups and youth groups, we've lost count...we were in a different place every weekend from the middle of March to the first weekend in May!! HOWEVER, we have been soooo blessed! Visiting with old friends and meeting many new folks; hearing incredible stories of His grace, mercy and of healing. THANK YOU to all who shared their time and homes as we made our way across the country!
   We were able to get out of the snow in MO back in February...then it was off to FL for two weeks... then back on the road again for PA,MA, NC then back to FL.  Here are just a few pics along the way..........
                                                   Ahhhhh...Florida sunshine and beaches!      
Kevin swimming in February...brrrrrrr
As you can crazy husband wanted to be the first in the neighborhood to say he could get into the pool in February! He did remind me that is was still much warmer than when he swims in Lake Baikal. (The lake gets a warm :) 56 in summer)                                                
We wrote back in February about our time of training in MO...we drove back to FL for a speaking engagement/conference...then it was on the road again with Mass. as our destination. (Thankfully with time in PA to spend with Laura's family!)

                                                  Weekend conference in Florida.
On the stop in NC
Beautiful trees....signs of Spring!!!                                                                                                                                                        At least we thought it was Spring, until we reached PA and MA and saw, you guessed it...more snow and cold weather!   Guess folks didn't want us to miss out on that Siberian winter :) !!   We loved it!
The temperatures never dropped below 0 degrees!

                                                                      Finally in Mass.          
                                                               Fellowship in Mass.  
We were so blessed and encouraged as we were able to visit with friends and family and meet many new people. Love you guys!!!
                                     Kevin and our nephew on the battlefield in Gettysburg.
                                             Visit with Laura's folks in PA.....Yeah!!!
There is so much to share; this update could go on for days :) Just know that it was extremely busy but very fruitful. We were blessed beyond measure and hope that others received as much from us. We'll finish the journey next please come back for a visit!
We are in the packing process and Laura is trying to stay out of  "panic mode." Thanks to all who have been so generous with their time, finances, places to rest our weary bones, great food, and wonderful fellowship!
We love you all and are honored to have been given this time in the U.S. We're here another week, so call or write....we may have a few minutes to see you!
     Love In Him,
   Kevin & Laura